A FAMOUS face in Scottish comedy is bringing a show about love, friendship, heroes, and hedonism to Greenock. 

Jack Docherty will present David Bowie & Me: Parallel Lives at the Beacon Arts Centre on Sunday May 5. 

In an interview with the Tele, Jack says he is looking forward to returning to the local venue.

The BAFTA award-winning star, who appears in Scot Squad and Absolutely, met David when he interviewed him on The Jack Docherty show back in 1997. 

Greenock Telegraph:
He says the show uses tales of meeting his idol as a springboard to talking about everything from family, first love, and mortality, to artificial intelligence and why you should always meet you heroes. 

Jack said: "It was funny meeting him, he was great. 

"I had loved him since I was a teenager so I was very starstruck. There's always that bit of a teenager in you I think. 

"I've met a lot of famous people but none of them got me quite like Bowie did. 

"I met George Clooney and he was great but it didn't affected me the way Bowie did, or in the way one of the Monty Python guys would."

Jack last played at the Beacon back in 2022 when he brought his show Nothing But to the venue. 

Greenock Telegraph:

He said the reaction from the crowd made him determined to bring the Bowie show, which was a huge hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, to Greenock. 

Jack said: "The Beacon is a great theatre, no question. 

"Greenock was the first stop on the Nothing But tour and the audience were brilliant and really helped me relax into it. 

"They were very up for it.

"I just wanted to take this show out to as many places as I can."

While perhaps best known nowadays for playing hapless police Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson in Scot Squad, Jack started his career at the Edinburgh Festival in the 1980s.

He wrote and starred in four series of cult Channel 4 sketch show Absolutely and has also written for shows such as Spitting Image, Alas Smith and Jones, The Lenny Henry Show and Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out.

Jack was Britain's first five nights a week talk show host on Channel 5's The Jack Docherty Show, which ran from 1997 to 1999.

David Bowie & Me: Parallel Lives showcases Jack as the ultimate storyteller and will regale the audience with tales of growing up in the 1970s and 1980s. 

He said: "It's all about family, and first love, and friendships. 

"I'll be talking about how parents hate you liking bands when you're growing up. 

"In my generation, there was more of a divide between grandparents, parents and pop music."

Jack said people don't have to like Bowie to like the show, and says he just wants to make sure people are entertained. 

He added: "I hope that people will get a lot of laughs and will be properly entertained and have fun 

"It's a comedy but there's a serious bit at the end. 

"It's all about the shared experiences of life.

"I just want to make people laugh."