AN abusive drunk who threatened to emulate a police shooter and 'plunge a knife' into an officer's chest has been locked up.

Dean Footit's aggressive rants included telling constables that he was 'going to kill myself' unless they left his Greenock home and a claim that he would punch another PC's 'fat head in'.

The 31-year-old was jailed for two separate threatening and abusive behaviour offences, as well as a breach of a bail curfew order, at the sheriff court last week.

A prosecutor told the hearing that officers chapped the door of Footit's Drumfrochar Road address at around 7.30pm on April 26 last year and were initially welcomed inside.

The procurator fiscal depute said: "He opened it initially and engaged with them and invited them into his home. He then became hostile during the visit into his home.

"He shouted 'What are you pigs actually doing here?' and stated 'I actually hate all the Greenock polis, you're all corrupt'.

"Due to his behaviour he was warned about his language. He responded 'I will do what I want'."

Greenock Telegraph: Dean FootitDean Footit (Image: Facebook)

Footit was arrested and his behaviour continued at Greenock police office where he said: "If you put me in a cell I swear I will ram my head into the wall until I'm dead."

He told officers 'I'm going to Raoul Moat you two' and said: "Without that vest I could just plunge a knife into your chest."

Another incident followed on Halloween in 2023, with Footit challenging a man to a fight and smashing a glass door to a common close.

Police officers attended his address within the block of flats and Footit claimed that he had lost his keys.

The fiscal depute told the court: "Once arrested he became agitated. Police applied handcuffs and he began to shout, swear and make threats of violence.

"He said 'Wait till these cuffs are off, I'm going to punch your fat head in'."

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Fast straps and a spit hood were applied after Footit was placed in the rear of a cell van as he continually kicked and headbutted the inside of the vehicle en route to the Rue End Street station.

Defence solicitor Aidan Gallagher described the incidents as 'drunken rants where obviously he has lost control'.

The lawyer, who apologised on Footit's behalf for his behaviour, said: "On both occasions, and it is no excuse, he was intoxicated.

"Alcohol and substance misuse have been issues for most of his adult life, starting in his teens.

"It would have been a concern to those who were on the receiving end of those comments.

"In sobriety he would say there was no threat of harm but at the time they would have been perceived in a wholly different light."

Sheriff Anthony McGeehan sentenced Footit to five months imprisonment.