DEEP pocketed patrons have helped a Greenock-based drinks manufacturer raise thousands of pounds for a charity which supports submariners and their families.

Titan Spirits, a local rum brand, partnered up with creative firm Agency withHeart to raise cash for The Submarine Family through the release of their limited edition rum 'Diving Stations'.

The limited edition of 300 bottles was created by Titan with a portion of the proceeds dedicated to supporting the charity.

Through their partnership with Agency withHeart, Titan Spirits ran a social media campaign to generate a buzz around the new drink.

The campaign proved a hit online, with the bottles selling out in a single weekend and raising £3,500.

Stuart Drake, director at Titan Spirits, said: "We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to the 'Diving Stations' edition and grateful for the support of Agency withHeart in helping us achieve our fundraising goals for The Submarine Family charity.

“This collaboration highlights the power of community and creativity in driving positive change."