PROCEEDINGS against a man accused of assaulting his partner in Port Glasgow a year ago may be dropped as prosecutors are struggling to track down the alleged victim, a court has heard.

Jonathon Bateman is charged with shouting, swearing and acting aggressively towards the woman at a property on June 6 last year.

It is claimed that the 40-year-old threw items around the house and kicked the living room door of the home during the alleged incident.

Court papers claim that Bateman also attempted to strike the complainer with his hand.

Lawyer Derek Buchanan told a hearing that the attendance of Bateman in court had been excused as he lives in the Wolverhampton area of England.

Prosecutor Pamela Brady said the Crown had had ‘some difficulties in tracing the complainer’, adding: “If the Crown find themselves in a similar position at the next calling then there will be a critical review of the case.”

The case is due to call again in August.