A TRIAL for a domestic abuse-accused man charged with emptying a packet of crisps over the head of a woman during months of alleged maltreatment has been delayed by months.

David Deary was set to face the allegation this week, having previously denied 'engaging in a course of behaviour which was abusive of his partner' between December 2022 and August 2023.

The 39-year-old is accused of shouting, swearing at, and uttering offensive remarks towards the complainer on various occasions at a property in Port Glasgow and elsewhere, while he allegedly repeatedly contacted her by telephone and demanded to know her whereabouts.

Prosecutors claim Deary, of Minard Road, also monitored the woman's social media usage and accused her of infidelity.

On one specific occasion on August 14 last year, Deary is said to have attended the woman's address at an unsociable hour uninvited and demanded entry, before throwing a bottle of alcohol in her direction and lobbing a box of chocolates, hitting her on the head.

It is further alleged that the accused emptied the contents of a packet of crisps on her head, shouted at her and demanded to see her phone, then pursued her and grabbed her on the body.

Finally, according to court papers, he allegedly shouted and swore at the woman in the presence of a teenage girl and refused to leave. The alleged offence is said to have been aggravated by involving a child.

Lawyer Derek Buchanan asked to adjourn this week’s trial as evidence had not been fully disclosed yet.

A new trial date has been set for September 9.