AN INSPIRATIONAL Greenock teenager has landed a unique role in the Scottish Youth Parliament.

Maya McCrae has been elected onto the board of trustees which represents the full membership of the parliament, and her role is to represent eight committees within the parliament.

The 18-year-old, a former pupil of Clydeview Academy, is delighted with her new post.

Maya said: "I've been an SYP representative since 2021, and since March this year I was elected as the convener of the health, wellbeing and sports committee.

"Then at the AGM I was elected to the board of trustees as the convener's trustee.

"While other candidates applied for two positions, I was the only person to apply for this position solely and I am thankful that this paid off.

"It is quite a unique post, when you get elected on the board you move from the operations side to strategic planning. I am fortunate that I can also keep my role as convener of health, wellbeing and sport.

"This position means working behind the scenes, as well as putting it into practice."

Maya said she is proud to be part of a board of trustees, who are all female.

She said: "I am very happy that women can get involved in politics and I am proud that ten very successful females are representing the Scottish Parliament on the board.

"The youth parliament is one of the most diverse parliaments in the UK.

"I feel extremely grateful for all the support I've received, from my mum and teacher Shaun Kavanagh.

"This new role means I can help to shape the future of the youth parliament and make a difference."

Maya juggles her political ambitions with a job in Starbucks and her musical career.

She said: "I have been a musician mostly all my life and have also performed with Hit the Road Tours.

"I have my hands in many pies."