TWO Gourock siblings have kicked off a year-long adventure inspired by their late dad following his brave battle with two types of cancer.

Kirsty Burrows, 30, and big sister Claire Brown, 37, have launched a special ‘60 things’ challenge in honour of their father George Burrows, who would have turned 60 this year.

They plan to complete a series of events and activities over the next 12 months to celebrate his life and help raise money for charity.

George, who was originally from Port Glasgow and lived in Gourock, passed away in 2014 at the age of just 57.

The foster carer was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour just months after beating lung cancer and was given months to live.

Despite the devastating blow, George battled on and made the most of the time he had left with family and friends.
Kirsty, who lives in Gourock, said: “He had lung cancer and got that removed then within a couple of months a tumour was found in his brain.

“Doctors said it was best not to go through with treatment because there was no guarantee how it would go.

“So he just decided to live his life to the fullest.

“Dad got about five months and it became really tough.

“But he realised in himself that he had to make the most of things.

“He was brave.”

Inspired by his attitude, his daughters have started a year-long challenge to walk in his footsteps and do 60 things to mark what would have been his 60th birthday.

Kirsty, who is assistant manager at Costa Coffee in Greenock, said: “My dad passed away three years ago this month and we were sitting talking one night and saying it would have been his sixtieth birthday and how we wanted to do something really nice.

“We’re trying to do things my dad would’ve done in a lifetime.”

The pair, with the help of family and friends, have completed a number of things on their list so far.

Kirsty said: “We had a birthday party for him to begin with at the house and he always went to the bookies, so me and my sister and some friends put on a few lines and we also went to his best pal’s and had a cup of tea.

“Before I was born he delivered Chinese food so we went out one night and did home deliveries.

“We also went to his brother’s and had a cup of tea.

“He was quite a family-oriented person.

“We’ve got a few things written down and we’ve got a whole year to do them and we plan on finishing up with a charity race night next year.

“Dad would’ve thought we were absolutely crazy to get this done in a year, but I think he would be proud too.”