LIKE many others residing in west Inverclyde , I find the removal of general waste skips from Craigmuschat to Pottery Street baffling.

There appears to be no savings attached to this change, as staff and skip driver will still be required to move materials/etc.

Instead the service reduction will result in thousands of cars per month on our roads; more traffic on the already busy A78 and passing through the Brougham Street bottleneck.

More cars on the road, more emissions; not meeting the aspirations of a cleaner, greener Inverclyde we all want to have.

It would be useful to know who made this decision and was it properly scrutinised by our elected members.

Was there a vote on this and how did our elected members vote if so?

I am sure the return of the general waste skips to Craigmuschat would be welcomed by the general public and I look forward to that happening soon.

George White

Former Gourock councillor