ALL too often people are quick to criticise local councils, transport providers and other organisations when something goes wrong, or a service is changed in a way not to their liking.

It is refreshing, therefore, to offer praise and thanks to train operator ScotRail.

I read in the Telegraph that it is adding another Sunday daytime train service, each hour, on the Gourock to Glasgow line.

I use the trains frequently and it is great that this additional service is being provided. I was even more delighted to read the timetable online and discover that the additional service is to be a fast/limited stop service.

Around fifteen years ago I had to work one in four Sundays in Glasgow. I used to dread the train journey as it stopped at every single station en route, and the return journey home was often full because there was only one train per hour. I would imagine that those who currently have to commute on Sundays will be very pleased with these changes.

Separately, ScotRail are now considering the consultation responses which they have received about the proposed changes to Monday to Saturday rail services. I only hope that they listen to local people.

The vast majority of passengers on the Wemyss Bay line do not want an increased journey time to Glasgow with ScotRail's proposals for an all 'slow train' service. That proposal is a major step backwards and I was very surprised that local MSP Stuart McMillan supported this.

Maybe he's never had to commute for work in the real world, and doesn't realise the impact a long commute can have on a person's quality of life.

Those who use evening trains on the Gourock line also do not want the 2250 fast service scrapped. This was a great service to use to travel home after social occasions.

Similarly, whilst having two fast daytime trains per hour to Glasgow on the Gourock line is very positive, it should not be at the expense of having one slow train per hour running on this route.

Some people need a slow train because they work in places like Hillington. They need trains to stop at these stations.

The employment situation in Inverclyde is abysmal but, if we want people to choose to live here, we should be doing everything to make commuting for work as easy and appealing as possible.

Again, well done ScotRail - Sunday train travel is sorted.

It's now time to use your consultation exercise to get the Monday to Saturday services right too.

Craig Wilson

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