INVERCLYDE Women’s Aid are urging the public to join them and take a stand against domestic abuse.

The charity has been on the front line helping local women and children flee violence for 32 years.

They run a refuge as well as providing range of support services to help them rebuild a new life.

Now the staff hope to step up the zero tolerance message by encouraging as many people as possible to wear a white ribbon and join the ‘16 days to eradicate violence against women’ campaign.

Team leader Carol McLaughlin said: “We would love to eradicate domestic abuse and there would be no more need for Women’s Aid, I would be out of a job and that would be a good thing.

“But sadly it is something that will always exist.We want to raise awareness of the impact it has and the support we offer.”

The 16 days of the campaign run from tomorrow to December 10.

It comes as the Tele recently reported how the number of domestic violence incidents reported to the police is on the rise.

Inverclyde Women’s Aid will also be presenting a powerful play about violence at their upcoming annual general meeting. The AGM is at the Beacon on Thursday December 7 from 12.30pm with registration at 12.15pm.