A CHILDMINDER has told of her fury after a mindless vandal caused £2,500 damage to her car.

Elaine Bonnar, 46, only bought her Volkswagen Beetle two months before the sickening incident.

She parked her car outside her flat in Wellington Street when the yob started smashing it to pieces in the early hours of the morning.

Elaine said: “I was in shock, I was actually shaking.

“I didn’t know what to do.

“I have breakdown cover and the guy who came out managed to tape up my wing mirror.”

The culprit was captured on camera kicking and vandalising another car, a red Fiat 500, during the same spree, which happened around 4.30am on September 3.

Police have now publicly issued CCTV footage in a bid to trace the yob.

Mum-of-one Elaine says she needs a new offside door, two wing mirrors, two new door handles and a re-spray – totalling £2,500 of repairs.

She said: “You open the door and the handle just comes off in your hand. The wing mirrors are electric and that’s why it is so costly to repair those.

“The insurance company wanted to write the car off.”

But Elaine says she needs her vehicle, adding it is her ‘pride and joy’.

She said: “I’m really infuriated, raging, every word you could use.

“It’s sad that the man, who was likely under the influence of drink or drugs, can kick my car and cause so much damage and get away with it. It took a long time to save up for my car and my mum and dad helped me buy it.

“I could have accepted it if I had crashed it myself but this was totally outwith my control.

“Although it is a 2002 plate, it was perfect and I looked after it, that’s the most annoying thing about it.”

Elaine said: “I’ve lived her for 12 years and there’s never been any trouble before.”

The footage of the culprit can be watched online at www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk

Anyone who recognises him should call police on 101 and ask for PC Helen Given.