PICTURE 1: One of the mainstays of the social scene in Greenock is a well known and greatly used centre which has supported the community in many different ways. 

Craigend Resource Centre is a long established and successful community resource service, primarily in the east end of the town and one which has served as an important hub for many years. 

Anyone who visits Craigend immediately feels a very strong sense of community, and thanks to the ethos of those who work there, every visitor is ensured a warm welcome to this bustling heart of action. 

Here we take a look back at some of the events and initiatives that made the centre the success it still is to this day. 

Back in 1999, many of us put the thought of eating fruit to the back of our minds, forgetting how important that food group is to health and well-being. 

Craigend put into action an initiative which helped provide people access to fruit in the centre as they went about their busy day, instead of having to travel to the nearest shop. 

Round about this time, I remember setting up a picture elsewhere in Greenock which required a child eating an apple, and having to visit 12 different shops before finding a piece of fruit for the shot. 

Craigend addressed this situation in their area by having a ready supply of fruit and vegetables at hand at their ‘fruit barrow’. 

Thanks to the co-operation of then-treasurer Jean Robertson, I set up this picture to illustrate a healthy eating award the centre won for its fruit barrow scheme. 

Jean kindly wedged herself between two tables upon which we stacked every variety of fruit and veg we could find and, although the picture was shot in black and white film, I think the message still got across. 

PICTURE 2: This shot shows members of the public, committee members and workers of Craigend as they celebrated their ‘healthy eating fruit barrow award’.

The initiative really was cutting edge as, at that time, only fruiterers, hospitals, supermarkets and a few forward thinking newsagents made fruit readily available to the public. 

PICTURE 3: The Craigend Resource Centre cafe is a hub of social interaction and a place where people can enjoy a cup of tea and some warming food. 

This picture taken in 1998, shows Craigend workers proudly showing off their hygiene awards. 

PICTURE 4: Youngsters play an important part in the many projects and initiatives which take place at Craigend. 

This picture, taken in 1996, shows the Craigend Drama Group work on their ‘space monster’ workshop. 

PICTURE 5: Thanks to the generosity of local butcher Allan McShane, the centre was presented with an all important means of transport. 

Some of the many services Criagend still provides to this day are seen printed on the side of the bus and, crouching at the door, a young Brian Power can be seen. 

Brian has been at the helm of Craigend for many years and it is thanks to his energy and belief in the important work the centre does in supporting the community that it has gone from strength to strength.

More than ever, the work in community hubs and resource centres across the country is vital, as people young and old face the challenges of loneliness, financial hardship and the pressures brought to bear by social media and modern living. 

The centres offer comfort and support to people across the social spectrum, be it a computer class, art or just a cup of tea, and Craigend Resource Centre is the gold standard.