TELE photographer George Munro rounds up the week in pictures.

Pic1: This pic shows Ferguson Marine have pinned their colours to the mast by posting a notice on the launch date of MV Glen Rosa. A placard placed on scaffolding beside the ship proclaims she will slide into the waters of the Clyde in early March of next year.

Greenock Telegraph: Glen Rosa with completion date signage today

Pic2: Port Glasgow man Gerry Timmoney invited Telegraph reporter Claire Amber Young to his home to see a yawning chasm that is threatening to swallow its foundations. Mr Timmoney stood beside a building site that he fears could trigger a landslide on Dougliehill Terrace.

Greenock Telegraph:

Pic3: A striking new feature has sprung up on the A8 approach road to Greenock town centre in the form of a Starbucks sign and drive-through outlet.

Greenock Telegraph: Signage put up at new Starbucks site in Greenock

Pic4: I took this picture of little Aria McGill who is undergoing chemotherapy that is exposing her to the danger of other life-threatening illnesses.

Greenock Telegraph:

Aria's mum is hoping her family can get a move to new accommodation as their current flat is two flights of stairs up, and in need of repair.