I HAVE been following the Telegraph's coverage of the campaign to have jobs and industry brought to the Inchgreen Dry Dock.

The people involved simply won't give up on their fight to attract a new employer to Inverclyde.

Well done to all involved for taking on Peel Ports. We need people like this to fight for our area.

During the past 24 months, the already dire jobs situation in Inverclyde has worsened.

The area has had Amazon close down, with the loss of hundreds of jobs, the last of the IBM office jobs have moved to Glasgow, Berry Plastics closed down its factory, and the TSC call centre has closed down.

Longer term, we have seen hundreds of retail jobs lost in the Oak Mall, and a number of doctors and nurses have transferred away from the IRH to work in Paisley and Glasgow hospitals.

Now, Inverclyde's largest employer, Inverclyde Council, is saying that it may need to downsize further given impeding budget cuts from the Scottish Government. What an appalling situation.

This area lacks serious political representation. We have an SNP MSP who has been in the Scottish Parliament for seventeen years yet he has never been deemed good enough to serve in the Scottish Government cabinet. Readers can make of that what they will.

Our MP, Ronnie Cowan, tells us in his recent Telegraph column that those who yearn for the past are mistaken. He claims things aren't that bad in Inverclyde.

Well Mr Cowan, looking back even twenty five years, we had a vibrant high street in Greenock, we had over four thousand jobs at the IBM plant and our hospital offered a full complement of services. I won't apologise for yearning for the past.

Shame on those who are on tremendous salaries with platinum-plated pensions ignoring the needs of local people.

Stand up for your area, fight the Scottish and British governments for more investment and less cuts. Otherwise face the wrath of the local electorate at the next elections.

Craig Wilson

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