THANK-YOU to Craig Wilson (Tele Postbag, January 22) for highlighting Inverclyde’s current crop of politicians who have enhanced the Peel Group’s property portfolio and their control of our industrial waterfront.

The Inverclyde Taskforce, supported by both the UK and Scottish governments was our best opportunity for our local politicians to raise the issue of our national asset, Inchgreen dry dock.

However, co-chair of the taskforce Stephen McCabe Labour and Stuart McMillan SNP with Louise Long chief executive failed to put Inchgreen dry dock on the agenda. Why?

Ronnie Cowan (SNP) and Labour’s general election candidate Martin McCluskey both failed to raise Inchgreen as a priority at the taskforce meetings. Why?

At the 2019 general election hustings both Mr Cowan and Mr McCluskey stated their claim to fight for the dry dock. However, both have refused to sign and support our Scottish Parliament petition.

Martin McCluskey also refused to sign and support the campaign pledge when he was standing as the prospective Labour candidate at the council election in 2022.

Both Mr McCabe and Mr McMillan have been in position since 2007 and Ronnie Cowan for nine years and Inchgreen remains empty.

As Craig Wilson correctly pointed out, our industry has all but disappeared while they have all been at the tiller.

Robert Buirds

Campaign to Save Inchgreen Dry Dock