THE council leader Mr McCabe has been capturing the news lately regarding the freeze imposed by the Scottish Government on council tax.

He believes it puts a strain of providing services with the limited amount of money on offer from Holyrood.

Mr McCabe and Councillor Christopher Curley are both directors of Inchgreen Marine Park Ltd, the joint venture with Clydeport/Peel Ports that recently released their accounts for last year.

The accounts show a dividend of £310,000 that would provide a £155,000 payment for Inverclyde Council that both Mr McCabe and Mr Curley waived.

They also approved the £600,000 purchase of the former McKechnie Jess land and now Clydeport Operations Ltd are the new registered owners.

What benefit do Inverclyde residents gain by being part of this joint venture that’s spending £10.6m+ of taxpayers money increasing Peel's land portfolio, adding value, refurbishing their Inchgreen facilities, refusing a £155,000 dividend that would be welcome by the council in these austere times and then reject supporting the Inchgreen campaign’s Scottish Parliament petition?

All councillors are aware of this bizarre strategy but say nothing like they are blindfolded and gagged. It is scandalous.

Robert Buirds


Save Inchgreen Campaign