Donald Trump will speak at North Carolina’s annual state Republican Party convention next month.

The former US president will speak in person at the June 5 convention dinner in Greenville. Mr Trump narrowly carried North Carolina in 2020 and held numerous events in the state towards the end of his campaign.

Mr Trump’s speech will be closed to the media, and journalists will not be able to view it via livestream or alternate forms, said Livy Polen, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Republican Party.

Mr Trump has kept a relatively low public profile since leaving office. His last significant public speech was in February at the CPAC convention.

He is still banned from Twitter and Facebook and his public comments have largely come in the form of written statements and calling into right-leaning news outlets.

Mr Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump has not yet publicly ruled out a 2022 US Senate run in North Carolina and has expressed interest in the contest. Mr Trump has not endorsed any of the three Republicans already running for the seat being vacated by Republican senator Richard Burr.

Mr Trump has also expressed interest in running for president again in 2024 but has not yet announced a decision. The state party hopes Mr Trump can help Republicans retake control of the US House of Representatives in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Lara Trump, centre, the wife of one of Donald Trump's sons Eric, left, has not ruled out running for office in North Carolina
Lara Trump, centre, the wife of one of Donald Trump’s sons Eric, left, has not ruled out running for office in North Carolina (Jane Barlow/PA)

North Carolina Republican Party chairman Michael Whatley, a staunch ally of Mr Trump who also served as one of the former president’s 13 North Carolina electors in 2020, wants him to play an active role in North Carolina politics.

“President Trump delivered real results for North Carolina by rebuilding the military, standing strong against China and unleashing the American Economy,” Mr Whatley said in a news release.

“We are honored to welcome President Trump to our convention as the Republican Party launches our campaign to retake Congress and the Senate in the 2022 mid-terms.”

Mr Burr was censured by the state Republican Party following his vote to impeach Mr Trump.