PORT Glasgow councillor Jim MacLeod says he has received complaints about additional delays to work on Shore Street.

Council officials last week issued a press release explaining that a problem with cabling is holding up work on the section of road outside the town hall — meaning it will now not be fully opened until after Christmas.

Councillor MacLeod said: “I have been dealing with a number of complaints about the traffic issues in the town centre which I passed on to senior officials.

“These have come from health practitioners, taxi drivers, other motorists and residents.

“I recommended sending a press release out to explain the situation to everyone who lives, works and drives in and around Port Glasgow town centre each day. I think it is best to keep people informed.

“It is unfortunate the problems with these cables were only discovered late in the day and that a solution could not have been worked out earlier.

“It will be good when the work is finally completed and another part of the Port town centre regeneration finished.

“It is very unfortunate that this problem could not have been identified and resolved before the initial work started.”