THE Met Office has issued two yellow weather alerts for snow and ice across Scotland this week.

The warnings will impact northern regions like such as the Highlands and Grampian as well as  places in the central belt such as Strathclyde.

The alert for southern Scotland will be in place from 6pm on Thursday, February 8 until 3pm on Friday, February 9.

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The yellow weather warning for the north will last from 3pm on Friday, February 9 until 6pm on Saturday, February 10.

What can I expect from the Met Office warning for snow and ice in Scotland?

The Met Office has warned residents in northern Scotland that there is a "small chance" of power cuts and loss of mobile phone services.

Untreated roads and pavements could also make certain routes impassable and cut off some rural communities.

Injuries could also occur as people could slip and fall on icy surfaces.

Transport could also be affected by delays to train and bus services caused by snow across Scotland.

What is a yellow weather warning and how dangerous is it?

Yellow weather warnings are issued for a range of weather situations that are likely to cause some low-level impact (such as travel disruption) to a limited area.

Such weather warnings mean most people can continue with their day as normal.

Other yellow warnings are issued when extreme weather is capable of causing an impact on most but where the certainty of this is much lower.