BRIBING a bouncer to get into a dance hall paid off for a Kilmacolm couple who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

Diamond duo, Gordon and Jill Farquhar, who stay in Hadfield Court, say it was love at first sight when they set eyes on each other as they tried to get into a dance at Glasgow Art School.

But their chance meeting nearly didn’t happen after Gordon and his friend were refused entry.

However, Jill came to their rescue and paid the doorman 10 shillings so that her would-be husband and his friend could attend the dance.

Jill, 83, told the Tele: “The friend I was with knew Gordon’s friend so when the doorman wouldn’t let them in I decided to help.

“The doorman said it would cost me so I paid 10 shillings to get them in.

“I would say it was love at first sight.

“We both liked to dance so we danced all night.

“Then the following night we went to another dance at Glasgow University.”

Love soon blossomed as Jill, 83, and Gordon, 84, both shared similar interests.

Gordon said: “We both played tennis and enjoyed sport.

“We also both played golf, so we have travelled the world with our golf clubs.”

The couple got engaged on a very special day.

Gordon said: “We got engaged exactly a year after the day we met on November 19.

“So we always celebrate that date every year.”

The soulmates tied the knot in Uddingston on July 24 1957.
As newlyweds, they travelled all over before eventually settling in Kilmacolm 50 years ago.

Gordon said: “We moved around a bit as I was on National Service.

“I then got a nice job as a lecturer at the Army University so we had enough money to get married.”

The couple were blessed with three children, Michael, Shirley and Fiona Ann as well as nine grandchildren and one great grandson.

However, they have suffered several sad losses over the years including their daughter Fiona Ann who sadly passed away at the age of 40.

They also lost their son-in-law, grandson and nephew.

Gordon said: “Our life has not been without its tragedies.”

But the couple say their love for one another has helped them through the tough times.

Gordon said: “We have had some great times.

“We laugh a lot.

“We feel very lucky as we’ve been able to do lots of things.”

Before retiring, Gordon was a well known consulting engineer/designer who was behind major projects while Jill devoted herself to raising their family and was a member of the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service for 50 years and was also a former cub master.

Gordon said: “I was the lead engineer when the Kingston Bridge was being built and also worked on the Charing Cross project.

“I also worked at the Greenock Waterfront when they were filling in the docks and worked in Dubai for 18 months, working on their roads, buildings and other structures.”

Jill said: “I used to sing in a church choir and we used to travel round the poorer areas to perform.

“I’m also known as the ‘loaf woman’ in Kilmacolm as I make fruit loaves and drop them round to older men who live on their own.

“I like to do that as they don’t think of baking for themselves.

“I think my father was a bit like that as he used to have a shop and he would look after people round the community.”

Since retiring, the couple have travelled the world, played golf and Gordon has also written a book for charity called ‘Life is for Laughing At’.

On Sunday, they enjoyed a special meal out with their family at the River Inn in Houston.