A GHOST hunter is on the lookout for haunted houses in his home village of Inverkip in the run up to Halloween.

One of the country’s foremost spooky investigators, Nick Kyle, says he has felt plenty of ‘activity’ since moving in five years ago.

With Inverkip’s long links to hauntings and witches, Nick says he wants to help people make peace with the paranormal.

Fresh from a trip to Seattle to help with a ‘demonic haunting’ which is set to feature on Fox TV, Nick is now looking closer to home.

In particular he is calling on residents living in Main Street to share the ghostly goings on behind their closed doors.

Former deputy head teacher Nick, aged 62, from Station Avenue, said: “I have definitely felt activity in old Inverkip, in the Main Street. There are at least four haunted houses that I know of.

“We moved here five years ago but I didn’t know anything about Inverkip’s links with the paranormal before then. 

“There is also plenty of activity in the cemetery as well.

“I have put a letter into all the residents in the Main Street.

“They can come to me anonymously.”

Nick is currently putting together two talks — Haunted Inverkip and its Witches and Startling Evidence of Life after Death — which deals with his own experiences.

The talks in the Inverkip Community Hub will also help raise money to support the local centre.

Nick is a past president of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research and along with his wife Sarah is called upon by people all over the country looking to get rid of ghosts they believe are lingering in their homes.

Nick is a serious scholar on the subject.

He has studied for 30 years and regularly gives university lectures.

He added: “We have helped a lot of people over the years.”

In preparation for his talk he has been exploring the village’s history and notorious witch hunts which claimed the lives of many local women in 17th century.

He is paying particular attention to the story of teenager Mary Lamont, who was charged along with 12 other people of ‘conspiring with the devil’.

Nick told the Tele: “There is a striking little chapel in the cemetery with tombstones for the Shaw Stewarts and there is lots of energy there.

“People very openly tell you that there are hauntings in Inverkip and it centres on the Main Street.”

Nick’s talk in the community hub is on Saturday October 28.

He will initially discuss his own experiences, scientific evidence and case investigations from 7.30 to 8.45pm.

Later on he will look at Inverkip and its witches, giving an illustrated talk and sharing experiences about ghosts ‘stalking’ houses on Main Street.

Both talks cost £6 with funds going to the hub. 

Meanwhile, anyone who wants to share their ghost stories can email Nick on nick.kyle@btinternet.com