Jim McLeod is correct that I was the Tory who did in fact lead the opposition to the SNP motion to have Inverclyde council declared as a nuclear-free zone.

In my speech, I defended nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, both of which are opposed by the SNP.

The Faslane/Coulport installation is the largest military establishment in Scotland and is currently the home base for 10 nuclear submarines of various types. There are 8,000 people employed at the base (many from Inverclyde) and these would be lost under an anti-nuclear SNP independent Scotland.

Nuclear electricity contributes a significant base-load to our power availability as part of a varied menu of production including coal, gas, hydro and wind.

First minister Alec Salmond is very pro wind, and when it is blowing, it produces green energy, but in the last two weeks of clear skies and windless conditions nary a turbine has been turning. Without the back-up from nuclear energy, the lights go out.

I argued that nuclear power stations were a matter for holyrood and our nuclear weapons, one for Westminster, and that as councillors it was our job first and foremost to concentrate on those matters that we can control for the benefit of our constituents. The majority of members agreed.

Councillor David Wilson