SAM Morrell of Greenock is well known for delving into World War One history - but today he reflects on his own past as a rock group drummer!

He was a member of Greenock's first rock 'n' roll band, The Teen Beats, and played in some of the same venues as The Silver Beatles - whose name was later changed, of course, to The Beatles.

Sam, 73, of Heron Road said he believed the Teen Beats could have been one of the inspirations behind TV's 'Tutti Frutti' series about a rock 'n' roll band called The Majestics.

He said: "The similarities were uncanny. All of the band members were flabbergasted at the events depicted in the series compared with our own experiences all those years ago."

Sam was the six-piece band's drummer from 1958 to 1966. They were full-time professionals from June to October 1966, which they spent playing in Germany, but then went back to their day jobs.

Sam said: "I had a family to support. I was married in 1961 and by 1966 had two sons.

"We played vintage rock 'n' roll like Chuck Berry and Gene Vincent.

"We played all over Scotland and Ireland and did a couple of 'demo' records.

"Scots bands never really got a chance then, but they were great days and I wouldn't change a thing."

The other band members were John Houston (guitar/vocals), Bobby Ferguson (bass guitar/vocals), Ricky Dean (real name Ewan McPherson, lead vocals), John Simpson (piano and keyboard) and Eddie 'Tich' Kennedy (guitar/vocals).