PORT Glasgow reader Jim Higgins has passed to me a couple of interesting images of the town in days gone.

The upper view looks down King Street, across the road connecting Scarlow Street and Shore Street into Water Street and down to Queen Street, where a lorry can be seen.

None of the properties stands today other than the King Street tenements on the right, next to which is the former Port Glasgow Co-operative Society garage now occupied by the Inverweld welding and fabrication concern.

The white building at the entrance to Water Street had been the Port Palace cinema before the premises were taken over by the Port Glasgow Motor Company.

Water Street has disappeared but Queen Street still runs down to the Mirren Shore.

The other picture, right, shows the bottom of John Wood Street and its junction with Bay Street.

It might seem strange to see a sign for the Star Hotel, which is at the top of John Wood Street, but back then it was just a few yards from what was — and remained so for many years — the main road between Glasgow and Greenock.

The Town Buildings remain a Port Glasgow landmark but the other properties on the right disappeared a considerable number of years ago.

Jim Higgins does not have exact dates for today’s photographs but we both reckon the King Street picture is from the 1950s and the older image was taken in the 1920s or perhaps the very early 1930s.