The boost in the number of such vehicles relates to the growth in people purchasing items from the internet. With supermarkets also making home food deliveries, it is possible some individuals might be able to exist without ever leaving their homes.

Many people buy clothing over the internet and the order may arrive at their door within 24 hours.

It is all far removed from the days when those wishing to purchase an item of clothing had to visit a store and place an order if nothing suitable was available ‘off the peg’. In many cases, men would be measured for a new suit which would then be made up on the premises. The same would apply to women wishing a new frock.

Examining a Greenock directory from around 1900, we learn the town once had more than 50 tailors, clothiers and outfitters and a similar number of dressmakers. Boot and shoemakers also totalled more than 50 and around a dozen hatmakers were in business.

Under India rubber and waterproof manufacturers, the directory lists the Cathcart Rubber Company, whose premises were at the corner of Cathcart Square and Bank Street. An accompanying advertisement advises ladies waterproof garments costing from, in new money, around 35p to £2.50 (the top price presumably being for coats) and gentlemen’s items from around 60p to £3.50.

It is interesting to consider that around 1900 it is likely a good number of Greenock residents wore items of clothing and footwear made in the town.