LAST week, I spoke in a parliamentary debate regarding Scotland’s future.

I raised the issue of the Scotland Bill progressing through the parliamentary process at Westminster.

I focused my remarks on the proposal by the UK Government to provide our parliament with powers regarding carers. The proposal in the Scotland Bill provides a limited definition of a carer.

If the proposal in the Scotland Bill is unchanged, then anyone under the age of 16 who is a carer,will not be recognised as such.

Furthermore, they wouldn’t be able to apply for assistance, if this were available.

Latest reports suggest Scotland has 29,000 young carers who greatly help family members and thus society.

Additional resources for them may actually help many young carers with their education and thus improve their life chances when they leave education.

As Tele readers will know, the Scottish Government recently awarded Inverclyde Council £592,000 to help with educational attainment.

Inverclyde was one of a small number of councils that received this extra investment as a result of past and current educational results.

Education is a route to a better life and young carers deserve that opportunity too.

Many organisations have already voiced their concerns over the welfare provisions in the bill.

I hope however that when the Scotland Bill enters the House of Commons in a few weeks time, the UK Government amend this part of the Bill, may well as many other parts, to help many people in Inverclyde and Scotland.