IN my last article I spoke about the dark day at Westminster when by accepting EVEL all of Scotland’s MPs were denied the right to fully represent their constituents.

Well, the shocking lack of democracy continued on Friday 6 November. The Conservative Health Minister Filibustered (talked out) the Off-patent Drugs Bill. All the details are on my Facebook page ‘Ronnie Cowan MP’.

This was the second Friday running that the UK Government used the technique of talking out a bill to prevent a vote. The previous week was a bill to allow carers to park for free in hospital car parks in England.

By what rationale these bills were so repugnant that the house was not even allowed to vote is beyond my understanding. But then again so are most things this Conservative government do. They display no respect for the electorate.

Last Sunday, I laid wreaths at the war memorials in Wellpark and at the Cross of Lorraine.

I was interested to hear the Reverend Alan Sorensen comment on the local men who gave their lives and are named on a tapestry in the McLean Museum.

I viewed this tapestry a few months ago and was struck by the fact that, as well as naming the men, it had their addresses. This simple touch brought them closer.

They left houses in Wellington Street, St Lawrence Street, Belville Street, Hill Street and East Blackhall Street among others. And never came back.

As I stood in the pouring rain with the wind nearly blowing me over, I knew that to be home safe in Greenock, in the Wellpark or on top of Lyle Road, in the pouring rain was probably a fond wish for these young men, and one they never got to experience again.

Lest we forget, or as it says on the memorial in Well Park, ‘in respectful remembrance”’