NEXT weekend the clocks change.

We all gain an extra hour on the morning of Sunday 29 October and the nights start to draw in as we head towards winter.

In Inverclyde October and November aren’t times for staying indoors.

There’s a packed programme of things to do and places to go.

The Galoshans Festival returns.

For those who don’t’ know, Galoshans is the old name for Halloween in these parts.

The name and traditions are being kept in the memory and brought to life for a new generation thanks to the work of local artists and the teams at RIG Arts and the Beacon Arts Centre.

The history of the word goes back to a piece of folk theatre performed at people’s door in exchange for sweets and fruit.

This year the Galoshans Festival is bigger and better and the festival, which takes place on 27 – 31 October, has already started with artists, groups and schoolchildren working away preparing for this year’s festivities.

Look out for the brochure or visit the Beacon’s website for full details of the programme to enjoy some of spooky activity happening in Inverclyde.

Right across Inverclyde there are clubs, groups, classes all happening throughout the autumn and winter months to keep you active and learning.

Inverclyde Leisure facilities are available to keep you active all year round to get you fitter.

The council’s own libraries and community learning and development service also provide a range of local classes and events all year round.

Whether it is learning how to use new technology, picking up a new skill or even a new language, there are opportunities out there to be discovered.

If you are looking for a chance to give some time back to the community, there are hundreds of organisations working hard all year round supporting Inverclyde through volunteering.

You’ll get the chance to help out and make a real contribution.

There are countless opportunities to be active or to get involved in Inverclyde no matter what the winter weather has to offer us.

When you put that clock back an hour next week, why not plan what you can do with that extra hour?

You could be an hour more active.

You could give that hour back to the community through volunteering.

Or you could even use that hour to learn a new skill.

Who knows, it might lead to another hour the next week and another hour the week after that.

If we all gave that hour, think of what we could achieve with that one hour when we put them all together or add them up over the next year.