INVERCLYDE is making commendable efforts to maintain or increase the number of people living here, but these are undermined on a daily basis by traffic jams.

There are too many traffic lights slowing down progress along our main roads, with one of the worst examples being the rush-hour crawl along Eldon Street between Greenock and Gourock.

Vehicles are often tailing back from outside the Tele office right along to the end of Battery Park at Manor Crescent, where the introduction of lights has resulted in long delays.

Just imagine if you were driving down from Glasgow after work with the intention of seeking housing in Gourock, and you get ensnared in that snarl-up. It’s hardly going to encourage you to consider enduring it every day.

Additional problems were caused last week by ScottishPower digging up Eldon Street near its notorious Newark Street choke-point junction.

Residents of Newark Street will be well aware it is used as a so-called ‘rat run’ by motorists racing past the queues and then relying on Eldon Street drivers to let them merge.

Every time someone stops to allow in Newark Street queue-jumpers just makes the problem worse.

Could something not be done with the phasing of the Manor Crescent lights at peak periods to get traffic moving more quickly?

And, while I’m on a rant, it’s time all utility companies were forced to display signs saying who is responsible for roadworks — then you would know who to blame!