MONDAY — I attended the launch of the International Space School Educational Trust at the University of the West of Scotland

The event covered the work carried out in the space stations in particular the medical research.

I was particularly pleased to see the work being done on tissue growth as it was a discussion I had with Kidney Research just the week before. 

Tuesday — The morning consists of my select committee on public administration and the constitutional affairs. 

We took evidence from Lord Burns about the proposal to reduce the House of Lords to 600 members. 

I had to leave early as I had a question in the chamber to the minister for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy. 

In the evening I attended the Parliamentary Space Committee winter reception. 

Wednesday — I spoke in the PIP debate. It was very well attended and almost everyone attacked the callous process currently in place. 

Everyone except the Scottish Tories who came to heckle and intervene and then left without attempting to add anything productive to the debate. 

Next I attended a drop in session with Centrica revolving round business competitiveness in Inverclyde

Prime Minister’s question time was bereft of the Prime Minister and therefore the leader of the opposition. 

There was a very interesting discussion with representatives from the Baltic states.

The Baltic and Nordic states can be great friends and trading partners to Scotland. It was a pleasure to listen to their aspirations for their countries. 

A busy day continued with a private briefing session from John Manzoni, chief executive of the civil service and permanent secretary at the cabinet office, about the collapse of Carillion. 

I finished the day with an evening reception organised by Citizens Advice Scotland.

Thursday — It was my privilege to host and sponsor an event for World Cancer Day.

Cancer research has major concerns over funding and also sharing research post Brexit. 

Sorting out the laws around drug regulation has to be a priority for the negotiation team. 

Friday — Was a very busy day with constituency surgeries and a meeting with the Scottish Drugs Forum regarding the use and availability of Naloxone.