I’M sure that thousands of Scots are currently in a similar situation to me; braving the harsh February weather and stepping onto the train at Greenock station. 

But instead of the modern, sophisticated trains, equipped with features you would expect a 21st century train to have, we are still being subjected to relics from the 1970s; which are lacking WI-FI, toilets and even heating!

We’re just coming to the end of one of the coldest winters in years. Greenock residents wishing to commute to Glasgow for work are having to endure that bitter cold sitting on carriages that aren’t even heated. I’m sure readers will appreciate their frustration and will be equally eager to see Scottish rail service catch up with the times.

After being promised that we would be rid of these antiques by the Spring of this year, we are now being subjected to the old 314 carriages until 2019. 

Why now, are we having to wait another year for modern rail travel that was at our doorstep not so long ago?

The delay with the delivery of new trains from Hitachi is now the reason that is cited. But that’s just another setback in a long list of rail failures that local residents have to endure.

A recent report illustrated that customer satisfaction has fallen among ScotRail users, and many of my constituents have highlighted their concerns.

Many residents of Greenock and Inverclyde have highlighted how these heirlooms of the past are leaky, cold and uncomfortable.

When fares are on the rise people are asking themselves exactly what they are forking out their hard-earned cash for, and why they’re paying the same fare as the rest of the nation, only to be given substandard service.

As an ever-growing commuter area with connections to ferries, road and rail, it is important that we act decisively to keep up with increasing demand. 

As a MSP for the region, I take this matter seriously. I believe that we should all be entitled to safe, efficient and cheap transport.

I have met with Hitachi to discuss the delivery of their new carriages, and how best it can be implemented across Scotland and I have also been in regular discussion with the transport minister with regards to these issues and I am urging him to act on these issues swiftly.

I encourage anyone who is facing concerns to get in touch with me so I can take your queries further.