LAST week saw Scotland hit with some of the heaviest snowfalls we have seen in almost a decade. 

Public transport was disrupted with ScotRail and McGill’s shutting down their network for almost days at a time, and Glasgow Airport had to provide rooms and food for those who were stranded overnight due to cancelled flights.

All Inverclyde Council schools and nurseries were shut from Wednesday through to Friday, although I’m sure the local school pupils were thrilled by this — my daughters included, as people ventured out to go sledging.

In extreme weather situations though, some remarkable stories come to light. 

I heard of IRH staff walking for over an hour to make their shift and local people with 4x4 cars helping hospital staff who lived further afield get to work.

While many people were forced to take a ‘snow day’ or work from home (my staff included), emergency staff did their very best to venture out to help the public. 

I also heard of home carers visiting people on foot to make sure they were safe. As a result, many local businesses including Tonino’s in Greenock and One Cove Road in Gourock were offering free hot drinks to frontline staff who were bracing the weather to work.

I am very proud to represent the constituency of Greenock and Inverclyde and times like last week show the compassion and dedication that exists locally. 

Well done everyone for caring for your community which even this Siberian chill can’t freeze.