LAST week I spoke in three debates, firstly the Stage 1 of the Scottish Government Continuity Bill, then the EU LEADER programme and finally the debate about electronic voting.

During the EU LEADER debate I highlighted how Inverclyde has benefited from this fund as both the Ardgowan Distillery and the Gourock Golf Club have received funding.

The new distillery will create employment and opportunities locally whilst the golf club’s new indoor development studio is free for young people in the area to encourage them to take up the sport. 

It too acts as an additional tourism attraction for golfers to visit the club from outside of Inverclyde.

These examples show how important EU funding is for local communities and I hope a replacement for the EU LEADER programme is found after we leave the EU.

I also asked Minister for Childcare and Early Years, Maree Todd MSP, what support the Scottish Government provides to registered childminders. 

I raised the issue of local training often taking place during the day, which isn’t always accessible for childminders who typically work late. 

The Scottish Government recognises childminders playing a full role in helping deliver the 1,140 free childcare hours target that has been set.

Last week I also met with Transport Minister Humza Yousaf MSP to discuss Inverclyde’s transport. 

We mainly spoke about the local train service.

I asked him to examine a discount for Inverclyde train users whilst we will have the old Class 314 trains for a longer than planned period. 

The minister will consider the request.