So, you’re planning on being in London on business and you’re not too sure what to do or where to stay. Sound familiar?  We know how challenging it can be to traverse the capital with limited knowledge of the city and limited time to enjoy it. 


Regardless of whether you’re heading down to London on a networking trip or set to deliver a career-defining speech, there’s no doubt that London is a phenomenal place to do business.  From famous business districts like Canary Wharf to modern and vibrant areas of East London, this capital is packed with a diverse selection of business opportunities. 


This set of top tips are tailored specifically for business travellers who are looking to make the most of their trip to London after a busy day of meetings.


Wifi and waiting rooms – always research the venue

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If you’re heading to a career-defining business meeting, it’s vital to make sure you are completely prepared.  While it can be tempting to spend endless hours poring over slide decks and notes for your big meeting, it’s also important to spend some time thinking about the practicalities of your meeting.


All your hours of preparation can easily be wasted if you’re thrown off guard by a series of unexpected details.  Make sure to confirm all the details of your meeting.  Don’t presume that you will have access to some of the amenities you have grown accustomed to in your workplace.  Taking the time to confirm Wifi arrangements and requesting any specialist equipment you may need will help to prevent any headaches on the day of your big meeting.


Choose your accommodation wisely

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For many of us, heading to London can be a daunting prospect – particularly if you are planning on journeying from further afield.  If your big meeting is booked in for 9am sharp, then you don’t want to be booking a flight or a train that arrives at 8am.


Booking a place to stay is always a smart choice for any early morning appointments.  This will easily reduce stress levels and will also ensure you have a private space to prepare for the day.  One of the best accommodation options for busy people on the go are serviced apartments.  This type of accommodation offers 24-hour concierge, along with ultimate privacy and great value for money.  With a fantastic range of luxury serviced apartments to pick and choose from, you will be spoilt for choice on your next business trip. 


It’s important to find a great meeting place

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After a long and taxing day, one of the best places to meet for after-work drinks with colleagues or old friends is Covent Garden.  This picturesque pedestrianised square is one of the best places to stop and soak up the vibrancy of London.  With a plethora of street performers to keep you entertained and a number of restaurants that spill out onto the square, it’s easy to see why many view this as one of the prettiest spots in the city. 


With a mixture of expensive fine dining options, famous franchise and popular tourist traps, you’ll be spoilt for choice when making dinner reservations.


Be smart with your transport options

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If you’re looking for a smooth journey, it’s important to be savvy with your transport options.  Getting around London is more difficult than it seems thanks to rush hour traffic, tube delays and train cancellations.  Any of these can quickly scupper your chances of a timely arrival.  This is why it’s important to download a travel app, so you’re constantly updated.  Apps like Citymapper are great if you’re looking for the quickest routes and the live updates from London Transport Planner often save the day if a dreaded delay strikes.


Start your day off right at Trafalgar Square

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Trafalgar Square is packed full of famous landmarks and British history.  This is also a great place to wander and soak up the fast-paced atmosphere the city is famous for.  The National Portrait Gallery is always worth a visit and Nelson’s Column, with its four famous lions is the centrepiece of the square.  With events and gatherings happening most days, there is always something fun and exciting going on.


The perfect after-work drinks spot

Embankment is home to a fantastic assortment of bars, making it the perfect after-work drinks spot.  With a mixture of wine bars, classic English pubs and even some floating options docked on the River Thames, you’re bound to find a great spot to enjoy the beautiful views of the city. 


A landmark for quick and easy sightseeing

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy sightseeing spot, Tower Bridge is the perfect option.  One of the enduring icons of London, this spot looks great day or night.  In fact, we definitely recommend visiting to make the most of the soft lighting.  To get to this famous landmark, simply hop on the tube to Tower Hill underground and you’ll find that Tower Bridge is just a short five-minute walk from the station.  This is a great spot to stop at after a busy day of meetings.


So, there you have it.  Our top tips for getting the most out of your net business trip to London.  We hope our handy hints will help to keep your visit memorable for all the right reasons. 



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