Heavy competition and fluctuations in costs within the construction industry make finding work a lot harder than it once was. Construction based companies need to be proactive and promote their business.


Here are a number of tips and ideas that can help:

1. Join an Industry Association

Joining an industry association has multiple benefits that can help your business. These associations can offer high quality connections, resources, and more. Research in the US showed that 85% of businesses that failed weren’t in a trade association.


2. Manage Your Social Media Wisely

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When it comes to social media you should post regularly, however we recommend sticking to one or two platforms. It’s better to go all in on one or two platforms than putting in half the effort on five or six.


You should claim all usernames on the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Being in the construction business, your target audience is more likely to be found on Facebook and Linkedin.


3. Don’t Forget About Your Existing Leads and Customers

Word of mouth is still the most powerful method of marketing, well, at least one of them. Overlooking the value of customer retention can be seriously detrimental to any business nevermind a business in the construction industry.


Many contractors are extremely busy with just trying to stay afloat and it’s not uncommon to let things fall through the cracks. It’s highly recommended to follow up with customers a few months after completing a job, you never know, they might need more work completed.


If you remember the customer's name they will be impressed that you called and if the customer is happy you should make sure you ask for referrals. Get a good customer relationship manager (CRM) to make sure you can always provide this sort of follow up.


4. Connect with Building Material Companies

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If you’re looking to work on your SEO, one of the best ways to strengthen your website’s backlink profile is to contact Building Material Companies that you work with and ask for a link. Most material companies have a page that lists the firms that use their products.  


5. Develop Your Brand

The power of  branding is severely underestimated. A great brand can amplify all your marketing strategies whereas a poor brand can severely hamper all of your campaigns.


If your brand isn’t memorable… what do you expect? Brands who take the time and invest in proper branding work will always stand out from their competitors. You will attract the right clients and you could even charge more. Why? Because consumers are far more confident in a company with good branding.


6. Experiment with Running Expos

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A recommended marketing strategy that could attract more customers, increase brand awareness and increase sales is running a stand at an Expo.


There are multiple expo’s ran across the UK all year. For example, the national homebuilding show is the go-to exhibition for self builders and renovators. There will be lots of potential clients there.


7. Run Very Specific Ads

One of the most common errors people in the construction industry make when marketing is a lack of focus. Especially when it comes to ads. You have to stand out from the crowd.


Make sure when you’re running Facebook Ads you’re not using the boost button. Instead, use the Facebook Ad manager and run hyper focused ads on specific target markets. A/B test your ads and see which one provides the best conversion rate.


I.e running an ad on females, aged 40-50 in Glasgow that like Ikea might return 5-6 solid leads, whereas running an ad on females, aged 20-30 in Glasgow that like Ikea might return 1-2 solid leads but have a higher cost per click.


Without testing you will only be costing yourself more money in the long term.


8. Engage with Your Local Community with Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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One of the best things you can do in Construction is volunteering. Being involved in the community helps spread word of mouth. Nielsen report that 92% of consumers will have more trust in suggestions made from friends and family than traditional advertising.


Volunteering in your local community will not only build brand trust but word of mouth spreads fast and will be a great thing for your company.


9. Give Back to Charities

Finding a local charity that needs your help can be a great way of getting word of mouth marketing. Not only is it a good practice as a human being but helping out and giving back looks great for your company. This will help your business earn trust within the community.


10. Get online

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The internet landscape is changing all the time. You’ve now got websites like Copronet making a name for themselves in the market as one of the leading online networks for the building sector. Copronet connects projects and specialists. Using Copronet you can find the people you want to work with or find jobs that need people like you.


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