THE people of Inverclyde need action, and they need it now. 

Over recent months, the Inverclyde economy has faced a string of challenges that come hand in hand with devastating consequences for the community. 

First, the Amazon closure saw the loss of 300 jobs and recently, Berry BPI have also announced job losses amounting to up to 65 positions. Not to mention the fact that Wilko went into administration shortly after, the consequence of which is likely further job losses.

These losses are taking place against the background of the cost of living crisis and that ultimately means that those who depended on those jobs to support themselves and their family are likely struggling now more than ever. 

Alongside these recent job losses, losing out on selection as one of the two Green Freeports in Scotland raises further concerns on Inverclyde’s ability to compete with counterparts on the east coast. 

Further, it is essential that a sound plan is put in place to ensure a positive future for Ferguson and those who work there after the completion of vessels 801 and 802.

As a result of the conditions above, it is clear now, more than ever, that investment is essential for the area and the Scottish Government need to step up and deliver. 

It was welcome to see the development of the new Ocean Terminal and visitor centre, but this only does so much, what Inverclyde really needs is high levels of investment in the local economy as a whole.

Earlier this week, the Scottish Government announced their Programme for Government and stated that they will ensure that our economy is fair, green, and growing, and benefits all of Scotland’s communities and people. However, the reality is that only 1 in 4 people think they are doing enough to help people through the cost of living crisis. 

To tackle the crisis, investment much reach every corner of the nation and economic growth must be fostered in every community, one of which is Inverclyde. 


The people of Inverclyde deserve better, and the Scottish Government should step up without delay.