NOW, many of you will be familiar with the miracle event in the New Testament where Jesus feeds the 5,000 with only two fishes and 5 loaves of bread.

For those of you not familiar it goes like this: Like the calming of the storm by Jesus, it is believed that the feeding of the five thousand was also based on an eyewitness account due to the level of detail.

Jesus and the disciples are on their way to ‘a quiet place’ to get some rest, but they were followed on foot by a large crowd.

We see Jesus’ compassion for people. He is hungry and tired, but still he takes time to teach the people because they were like sheep without a shepherd. He sends the disciples away to find food nearby and they return with only two fish and five loaves.

Jesus gives thanks for the food, raises it to Heaven, blesses it and gives it to the disciples to give out. Everyone eats and there is enough left over to fill twelve baskets.

This miracle shows Jesus’ power over nature and shows the transformation He makes when a little become a huge amount and able to do much greater things.

Even if you feel your life only has a little within it, Jesus can transform it too with miracles both large and small. If you feel you only have a little love for Him and for people, His love inside you will transform that love until you are bursting and have to let it touch others around you.

And if you feel weak and unable to do much, His power in you will energise and motivate you to be and do much more for His Kingdom.

It is miraculous just what He can do for you. If you are sick, reach out to where He is and for His healing power. If you are bereaved, look out for His peace and comfort reach deep down inside you. And there are no favourites. What He has done for millions of others, He can do for you