YOU may have heard the saying that ‘All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing’, attributed to Edmund Burke.

The quote suggests that if good people do not take action against evil, then evil will triumph.

The quote is often used to encourage people to take action against injustice and evil, and to not be complacent in the face of wrong doing.

I suggest we do not need to look far to find many incidents of wrongdoing.

The recent stabbing of a young girl in Croydon is just one dreadful example, but we can find many locally as well with some within the pages of this newspaper.

There is injustice throughout the world with atrocities almost beyond our imagining and our television screens outline so much suffering as a result.

We seem to hurtle from one issue to another, almost as if we are primed or constructed to do wrong without even being told how it works.

Left to our own devices, and perhaps having taken ourselves outside a moral framework it can actually be quite easy to land ourselves in a mess with no one keeping us right.

When you remove workers from the most cultivated of gardens, it takes remarkably little time to turn it into a wilderness with weeds of all kinds quickly gaining control and wrecking what was once lovely place to walk and take pleasure in.

But all is not lost.

Just as light dispels the deepest darkness, good will always triumph over evil, but it needs the good people to stand up and be counted.

And if you are a believer and one of God’s people, He will help the most timid of us to become firebrands in the fight for goodness and righteousness to triumph.

God’s power and life in us is more than sufficient not only to make and keep our lives pure but to affect those around us struggling in all sorts of ways.

God’s Holy Spirit will be there encouraging us and giving us the strength and energy to do so. We don’t need a university degree for this.

We are encouraged ‘not to worry about how or what we are to say; for what we are to say will be given to us in that hour’.

Please be a part of letting God use us to dispel that darkness.