NOT calling for a ceasefire in Gaza is an indication that you are resigned to the current massacre of innocent men, woman and children continuing.

Those within Hamas that carried out the cowardly and barbaric attacks on civilians must be brought to justice and the action taken to achieve this must be swift, effective and appropriate.

Last Sunday many of us attended services and wreath-laying ceremonies around Inverclyde. Lest we forget.

In our minds were the atrocities of war and the price paid by so many people.

Wars fought with the promise that it would never happen again, but it did.

The death camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau have been preserved so we can bear witness to the holocaust and ensure it won’t be repeated.

And yet innocents continue to die in their thousands in conflicts around the globe. It has often been said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

And that’s exactly what is happening now.

It’s one thing to dutifully turn up wearing a poppy and lay a wreath.

It’s quite another to talk truth to power and demand that there is a ceasefire in Gaza when the UK Government won’t call for one and the loyal opposition remain silent.

This is not just about politics, this is a matter of humanity.

Don’t flick the channel when the pictures show bodies being dragged from rubble or dead babies being cradled by grieving relatives.

That’s what the truth looks like, that’s what a ceasefire would bring to an end.

And that’s why all politicians around the globe should be calling for one.

A ceasefire will not be easy to maintain and the reasons for the conflict will continue but in the name of humanity we can call for an end to the massacre.

We can save lives. Isn’t that what an Armistice is about?

An end to war, why else were we remembering last Sunday?

Was it just politicians posturing and wanting to be seen to care or did we really mean it?