LAST week was Scottish Careers Week, so today I’m visiting Skills Development Scotland’s (SDS) Greenock branch to hear how the service is supporting local people to find their passion and thrive.

With cost-of-living pressures, the climate emergency, an ageing population, and advancing technologies all changing how we work and the type of work we do, it’s never been more important to help people of all ages access and understand the opportunities out there, and the support available to them.

Career advisors make a huge difference to people’s lives – and more individuals finding work that they enjoy and find fulfilling is positive for our communities and local economy. I’d encourage everyone who’s considering a career change or looking to find out more about their options, to contact SDS’s Greenock branch on 01475 553710.

Finally, as I’m sure many Tele readers and constituents will be agree, it was appalling to see in Westminster last week that a majority of Tory and Labour MPs blocked calls for a ceasefire.

In failing to vote for the SNP amendment calling for a ceasefire, they have rejected the calls from Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General, who stated: “In the name of humanity, I call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.”

There is growing international momentum for an immediate ceasefire, but Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer have sadly opted out – and have instead chosen to repeat their parties’ past mistakes by ignoring the UN, disregarding international law.

The SNP will continue to press for an immediate ceasefire – including by piling pressure on Westminster to do the right thing. Humanitarianism must win the day.