I HAVE said it before but it’s true, the provost gets all the good jobs to do.

You get to say congratulations and well done to so many different people and having that wee bit of bling around your neck means that it’s not just me saying it but it’s coming from the people of Inverclyde.

I just get to deliver the message.

On Saturday it was Founder’s Day for the Girl Guide Movement, and they were bussing hundreds into Greenock early in the morning for a whole range of activities in numerous venues throughout the town.

Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers were all resplendently turned out and thoroughly exhausted by the time everyone got together in the Westburn Church at three o’ clock.

There we had camp songs and promises renewed, and our Lord Lieutenant got first class attention when he spoke to the packed pews. He praised the leaders and asked the girls to do the same.

My principal task of the afternoon was to give a small presentation to Mrs Sandra McColl. She’s been a guide leader for fifty years, though she says she’s only twenty-seven! What an achievement that is. What dedication and what service. She’s been a role model and inspiration for so many young women, hundreds upon hundreds, along that journey.

As a community we can only say thanks to Mrs McColl and the many others like her who give up their free time and their talents for the benefit of our young people. They are the salt of the earth!

On Monday, John McMaster brought his family into the Municipal Buildings. The council had passed a motion last year congratulating him on his football career and being a pretty decent ambassador for Inverclyde. This was brought about as it was 40 years since he won the European Cup Winners Cup with Aberdeen when they beat Real Madrid in that memorable final in Gothenburg. He also had 10 years at Cappielow, firstly as a player then as assistant to Allan McGraw.

John has written this awfy interesting book which he’s going to donate a copy of to the library of every secondary school in Inverclyde. It’s not your usual football biography. A good part of it is a first-hand account of the management techniques of Sir Alex Ferguson and how you can take these techniques and equate them to the business world and how incorporating that same management style can improve any business. It’s a worthwhile read.

John now spends a considerable time addressing representatives of multi-national companies and speaking about how those same styles and motivations can be utilised into any forward moving business no matter the size.

I presented John with a framed certificate from the council with the words of the notice of motion inscribed. The tough midfielder, the boy from the Gibby, 'Spammer' as Fergie calls him, took it from me, looked at it and started greetin’! For once he couldn’t talk. The Provost’s Room was filled with emotion and pride. It was a lovely moment.

I also took the opportunity to ask John his advice. As Morton are only three games away from winning the Scottish Cup which windae would be the best to haud the cup out of? The one on to Clyde Square or the one on to Cathcart Square?

Don’t think I won’t get that organised.

It’s a long time overdue, and if Aberdeen can beat Real Madrid then the Morton can beat anybody!