IT'S your time. Go grab it with both hands.

I have never been more convinced than I am right now that God wants to do something new in our lives. He wants us to get to know Him in a way we didn’t think possible.

He wants to pour His love upon you and upon me. He wants us to know just how loved we are. He wants to take us into a new dimension of living with Him with the help of His Holy Spirit. He wants to set us free of all manner of fears and low self-worth. He wants to show us His Kingdom, even while we are on earth.

That’s what being a Christian is all about. Don’t be a pew dweller and settle for anything less. Don’t live a life of mediocrity when there is so much more. Don’t settle for the crumbs which fall off the table when a perfect meal is on the table for you.

I encourage you … go through this door of opportunity, whoever you are and regardless of how much or how little faith you have. God is holding the door open for you for as long as it takes.

I was reading again a great little book this week about when God got a hold of a young man called Mahesh Chavda. Mahesh grew up in Mombasa in Kenya, the son of a prominent Hindu teacher. He grew disillusioned and turned to the Bible. One day God spoke to him in a powerful vision and Mahesh gave his life to Jesus.

Then, as a graduate student in Texas, he was gripped by the power of the Holy Spirit. Almost despite himself, an extraordinary ministry developed; travelling worldwide he would be used by God to cast out evil spirits, to raise the dead, to give sight to those who were blind and to lead thousands and thousands to faith in Jesus.

I’m thinking God is waking us up at this time too to inherit His Kingdom and do exploits for Him. If you are needing a shove, this is it. Go for all that God has for you and just watch how your life, and the lives of those around you, will be transformed. It’s your time. Go grab it with both hands.