NEW statistics show people in Scotland have received more than £30 million via two Scottish Government benefits to help them deal with increased energy costs this winter – the Winter Heating Payment and the Child Winter Heating Payment.

The official figures show more than 400,000 Winter Heating Payments of £55.05 were issued between November 2023 and the end of March 2024, and more than 30,000 Child Winter Heating Payments of £235.70 were made in the same period.  

The Winter Heating Payment replaced the UK Government’s Cold Weather Payment in 2023 – and most people getting it receive more money on average than via Cold Weather Payment.

This is because people receive the Winter Heating Payment whatever the weather, unlike the Cold Weather Payment which was only paid out when the temperature dropped to a specific level. 

The Child Winter Payment, introduced in 2020, is not available anywhere else in the UK. There is also no cap on the number of children who can get it in the same family.

These payments are yet another example of how the SNP in government is taking a different approach to Westminster, helping those who need it most during the Tory cost-of-living-crisis.

Also last week, a paper by HMRC revealed that net migration from the rest of the UK into Scotland has increased since the introduction of the Scottish rate of income tax.

These latest figures show that across all tax bands and almost all age ranges in 2021-22, more taxpayers chose Scotland as their home than left – offering yet more proof that Scotland is an attractive place for people to live and work.