A YOUNG boy was struggling to move a large boulder and try as he could he wasn’t able to move it. His father encouraged him to push harder and use all his strength but still no movement.

‘Have you tried with everything you have’ said the dad to his son. ‘Yes Dad’, said the son to which the dad replied ‘actually you haven’t’.

The boy looked puzzled and the dad explained. ‘You haven’t used all the strength at your disposal for you haven’t used my help.’ So, the two of them got together and between them were able to move the boulder out of the way.

This little story is relevant for you and for me. So often we rely on our own strength for maybe most of what we do and when something bigger gets in our way we try with all our strength but to no avail. And so we think we are stuck.

But relying on our own strength, we don’t think about another who is there and able to help. God is there to help us in any challenge, large or small. I could give you quite a number of examples in my own life where I tried to do some simple tasks without success and when nothing seemed possible, I turned Godward and asked for His help and suddenly the problem was solved. I now automatically inwardly ask and He always helps and sometimes instantly.

We might feel that our little things in life would just be a nuisance for Him, or too small to want Him to deal with. Yet God wants to hear from us on any matter, tiny or otherwise and He is well able to deal with them all.

So, if the burdens of life are getting you down and won’t shift despite all you can do to make that happen, ask for God’s help in any task. He often does what no man or woman can do and delights in our seeking His help. And that’s when His miracles can solve things for us, so let us seek His help at every turn.

Doing so can be quite an adventure for our faith, and each time He answers we learn to trust him more … with our lives and our futures.