THE General Secretary of the Unite the union recently described Sir Keir Starmer's watered down flagship policy 'New Deal for Workers' as "unrecognisable".

They went on to say, “Workers will see through this and mark this retreat after retreat as a betrayal.”

But we shouldn’t be surprised, Sir Keir has a history of breaking promises. He has u-turned on over 25 policies including nationalising the big six energy companies, reducing the private sector’s involvement in the National Health Service, a second referendum on the EU, abolishing universal credit, abolishing university tuition fees, increasing income tax for the top five per cent of earners, abolishing the House of Lords, ruling out rent controls, scrapping the two child benefit cap, introducing a right to roam in England, stopping the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, paying the WASPI women compensation, the list goes on and on.

And remember the Labour Party have refused to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Despite all that, because we have a Tory government, as dysfunctional as it is and having displayed a complete lack of compassion for fourteen years with their failed austerity policies, the electorate of England will return a Labour government.

It is clear to see that Westminster does not offer the change Scotland needs. Starmer’s Labour Party will adopt whatever policy will win him votes in England. His desire for power is greater than his desire for responsibility.

Any government that governs Scotland should be held to task by the people of Scotland and take responsibility for the people of Scotland. It is only the SNP who will stand up for Scotland and continue our journey towards independence and it is only in an independent Scotland that all decisions can be made in the interest of the people of Scotland without interference.