LAST Wednesday, the prime minister announced that we will be going to the polls on Thursday 4 July for the much-anticipated UK election.

It has been the moment most of Scotland has been waiting for, the chance to remove the Tories from power.

Of the 650 MPs across the UK, Scotland currently sends 59 to Westminster. Following the general election, this will be reduced to 57 and back in 1997, we sent 72.

For the first time at the July 4 election, everyone will need to bring ID to vote.

There is no real practical reason for this, voter fraud is not an issue, but it was legislation brought in by Westminster.

The Tories believe that this is a way to trip up voters who will either forget their ID or maybe not have any.

You’ll hear this message a lot over the next few weeks, but please remember to take ID when you vote, e.g. your passport, your driving licence or your National Entitlement Card.

You can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate if you don’t have photo ID and you can make the application via the Electoral Commission website.

It is genuinely important that people vote.

You are electing someone to be your voice at Westminster.

Ronnie Cowan has been doing this since 2015 and I know for a fact he has been a strong voice for Inverclyde at Westminster.

We are about to see £20m invested in Inverclyde via the levelling up fund which Ronnie has been instrumental in securing.

Only last week Ronnie and I helped secure £100,000 for local businesses on West Blackhall street due to the roadworks taking place.

We had met local shopkeepers and lobbied on their behalf.