IF one looks back over the many years there has been flooding in Inverclyde, may I please remind the readers the property of water is ‘it finds its own level’.

It appears the flooding pond levels are higher than sea level by about eight feet and the sea (River Clyde) is only about 50 to 100 ft away from these flooding ponds that stop the traffic in its tracks (every time we have amber rainfall warning it is becoming more prevalent).

An obvious solution is to hire a JCB and dig out the ditches to the sea, sink in the pre-fab concrete channel sections from the seaward side of the road kerb (no need to dig up road) to the nearest point of the River Clyde at every potential pond, place the wrought iron grills on top and see where the water goes.

The channels can vary in depth depending on levels so water will always flow into river. Where would you put them?

1. Brougham Street next to car tyre shop.

2. At roundabout next to EE

3. To right of Greenock Fire Station

4 Roundabout at Ferguson’s.

On a separate point, watching the Ladyburn flood over its bank recently, may I suggest Amey raise the road so the lowest point in East Hamilton Street is Douglas Rae Road. Why? Because water will flow into James Watt Dock all by itself, end of!

I would happy to help fund the one at EE as an experiment just to see if it works in principle as it is only 10 metres from submarine dock.

John Burleigh