I WAS surprised to read the Telegraph article on October 12 reporting that Clydeport/Peel Ports had received an environmental award at an annual business award ceremony.

Clydeport next to the MOD are the biggest polluters on the Clyde and receive hundreds of ships per year at their facilities on the Clyde, highlighted in the report.

These ship exhausts put many tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere as ships continuously use their engines while docked.

The cruise liners are the biggest polluters, as they have to run their engines to provide power to thousands of cabins and onboard facilities.

Then there are the lorries delivering containers, buses and taxis ferrying thousands of passengers to and from the terminals and docks. Two new electric cranes are insignificant to this environmental damage.

Maybe Clydeport director David Wilson who hailed the award could provide solutions to the above.

This award is greenwashing with no credibility.

Robert Buirds


Save Inchgreen Campaign