THE main reason why dams are being left without any control of the water within their confines is the cost of the physical 'operation' of the water level control.

Or paying someone to watch the water level and operate a sluice when required. 

Part of the problem here is perception.

These dams appear to be in good order. The banks are sound and they are pleasing to the eye being full to the brim with with no unsightly muddy banks.

Most people are unaware that in many cases any means of lowering the water level may no longer able to function.

I believe that there are companies which have the solutions to this, as they specialise in modern equipment to replace the labour-intensive ways by using automated systems in this area.

Scottish Water seem to be unable to manage this situation, so our local council must be in a position to guide them towards using these new modern solutions.

We cannot leave redundant water dams unattended.

Although they no longer supply industry with power they have in the past prevented flooding

It will take some time to recover the postion but it is important that we have a solution in place and can instruct Scottish Water to take the action required.

Archie Wilson

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