CLEARLY tension does not translate well through YouTube.

The short video I watched of a budget update given to a special meeting of Inverclyde’s full council lacked the frisson of a debate.

Out of the 22 of our elected representatives, four spoke.

This was disappointing.

I have witnessed budget debates where 18 out of 20 councillors spoke about the budget. The public benches were often empty, and there was no video camera. However, councillors got to their feet.

The speakers explored interesting points at the meeting on February 1.

Who will benefit from a council tax freeze? Does taking more council tax out of people’s pockets exacerbate a cost-of-living crisis? Or is it a mere tightening of the belts for some of us? 

Why was this not the subject of passionate debate?

Or, indeed, the implications of further cutbacks? Yet, apart from the group leaders, there was silence.

Over one hundred people watched the YouTube video.

Not as many as watch a Photoshop tutorial.

Still, it’s more than you could cram into the council chambers. It is an opportunity to speak to the voters. Why miss the opportunity?

John Moody

Port Glasgow